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Performing Arts

At SBSP, we believe that through performing arts, pupils are given the opportunity and encouragement to develop and demonstrate their creative talents. As with all arts, they involve imagination and feeling, and help children make sense of the world. They do this through the creation of imagined characters and situations, and the relationships and events that they encounter.

Through engagement in performing arts, pupils apply their imaginations and draw upon their own personal experiences. Their increasing knowledge and understanding of how the elements of drama work enables them to effectively shape, express and share their ideas, feelings and responses, making use of language, space, symbol, allegory and metaphor. In addition, the exploration of the world through drama encourages children to challenge and to question but also has the potential to bring about social change.  

Performing arts offers opportunities for participation and entertainment as well as learning and development. Good drama teaching will result in pupils learning about dramatic form and the content it explores.

Across the curriculum, with particular emphasis on English, pupils are encouraged to take part in a range of drama activities, including theatre visits to develop cultural appreciation, dance workshops and clubs, and musical workshops.

In addition, the school celebrates pupils’ work in two performances each year: Christmas Nativities and one class assembly, which are scheduled during the school year. In addition, Year 6 stage a Leavers’ Production as their final opportunity to share their talents with the SBSP community.

All pupils are actively involved in these performances and take on their own acting role, but many also take on additional support roles such as set designing and prop making, allowing them to understand the various aspects of developing and staging a production.