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At SBSP we use Jigsaw to teach our PSHE and RSE. Jigsaw is a mindful approach to PSHE, bringing together Personal, Social, Health Education, emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning.

A lesson a week with the teaching resources included, helps teachers to focus on tailoring the lessons to their children’s needs and to enjoy building the relationship with their class, getting to know them better as unique human beings.

Teaching strategies are varied and are mindful of preferred learning styles and the need for differentiation.
Jigsaw is designed as a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle)
at the same time. 

There are six Puzzles in Jigsaw that are designed to progress in sequence from the start of each
academic year:

Term 1: Being Me in My World
Term 2: Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying)
Term 3: Dreams and Goals
Term 4: Healthy Me
Term 5: Relationships
Term 6: Changing Me (including Sex Education)

Each Puzzle has six Pieces (lessons) which work towards an ‘end product’, for example, The School
Learning Charter or The Garden of Dreams and Goals.

Each Piece has two Learning Intentions: one is based on specific PSHE learning and one is based on emotional literacy and social skills development.

The whole school works on the same Puzzle at the same time, meaning that each Puzzle can be launched
with a whole-school assembly and learning can be celebrated by the whole school in a meaningful way.