Learning From Home

Some suggestions to help your child learn from home 

First of all, thank you. If you are reading this it means you have accessed our ‘Learning from Home’ page on the school website and want to support your child’s learning when school is closed.

We have taken the government and teaching unions’ advice to provide learning resources that will keep children busy and enjoying learning, while providing flexibility for parents.

We realise that the family may have to share laptops or mobiles so only plan to do what you can. Everyone’s homes are different so the activities we suggest are just a guide to help keep children busy and enjoy learning. We recognise that parents may be working, caring for sick family members or looking after little ones so choosing activities is up to you. We do not expect you to be teachers and we are not going to be checking up to see how much work has been done!

If you are having difficulty with using these resources, please email  admin@sbsp.rbkc.sch.uk  We will get back to you to try and help.

You do not need to keep any records of the work to show us. We will not be asking children to bring in the work that they have done to school once this is over unless they want to.


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